Promat UK is an acknowledged leader in thermal, fire and acoustic solutions, which was formed in 1984 and employs some 70 people. Its headquarters are based in Heywood, Lancashire with an additional production site in Calrton, Nottinghamshire.

Promat UK is a division of Etex Industry, part of the Etex Group, a Belgian industrial group manufacturing and marketing high quality building materials and insulation systems.

Through it’s extensive expertise and experience Promat UK provides additional added value, supporting customers through all stages of design, planning and implementation.

Further information on Promat UK and its segments is provided through the links below. 

Promat Segments


Technical Construction

Promat High Performance Insulation

Promat Passive Fire Protection: Marine

Promat Passive Fire Protection: Oil and Gas

Promat Passive Fire Protection: Tunnels

Promat Passive Fire Protection: Construction