Promat Glass UK is a leading supplier of fire resistant glass and fire resistant glazing systems. With extensive experience and expertise, Promat is dedicated to delivering a complete fire rated glazing solution within the construction industry.

Promat UK is the acknowledged leader in fire, thermal and acoustic solutions across a diverse range of industries and applications. Promat's fire rated glass products deliver assured levels of fire protection with proven testing and third party certification that complies or exceeds UK and European standards. With extensive experience and expertise, Promat UK provides added value, supporting customers through all stages of design, planning and implementation.

Promat's industry leading fire rated glass brands, including PYROSEC®, PYROCET®, SMOKESTREAM® and the complete fire resistant glazing system, SYSTEMGLAS®, provide fire protection in a variety of applications with maximum reassurance of quality and traceability.

We work closely with designers, architects, contractors and joiners during the design and specification stage with a comprehensive range of fire rated glass options ranging from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes fire protection. Both integrity along with integrity and insulation fire rated glass options are available for timber, steel and calcium silicate framing applications processed to ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental standards.

Promat UK - Specified for a reason®