Promat UK is an acknowledged leader in the manufacture of passive fire protection and high performance insulation solutions. We are proud to provide a range of products that are trusted, proven and installed worldwide, across a diverse range of industries and applications.

Promat UK is part of Etex Industry, a division of the Etex Group, who have a presence in 42 countries, operating 113 production sites and employing more than 14,000 skilled and dedicated professionals. In 2018, group turnover was in excess of €2.7 billion. Promat UK is based in Heywood, Lancashire, where the fire resistant glass and glazing systems are produced.

For more than fifty years Promat has been synonymous with high quality solutions for a variety of industrial applications. Our market leadership is based on engineering competence, a uniquely broad range of products and systems (across the whole temperature range) and a first class service at every stage of your project. We work closely with architects, contractors, joiners and clients to deliver a comprehensive solution to meet any fire, thermal or acoustic challenge. Promat's sustainable solutions protect lives and assets across various industry segments, including glass, energy, marine, oil and gas, transportation, heavy industry, fire rated assemblies and appliances.

In addition to fire rated glass and glazing systems, Promat manufacture and supply calcium silicate products, intumescent materials, microporous insulation, high temperature textiles, vacuum insulated panels and cementitious sprays. As part of the 360o Wheel of Assurance, Promat UK offer a wide range of products, provide technical and project support throughout each stage of the project, process the products in ISO certified workshops to create bespoke solutions that meet the end user requirement and deliver the solutions with maximum peace of mind.

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  • Industrial Insulation and Fire Protection (Transportation, Heavy Industry, Workshop, Energy, Fire Rated Assemblies and Appliances)
  • Technical Construction
  • Tunnels
  • Promat High Performance Insulation

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