Promat is offering expert insights into fire-resistant glazing specifications with its RIBA-Approved CPD 'The Burning Question'. The 60-minute seminar can be delivered at architectural offices in a 'lunch and learn' format and addresses key considerations for fire rated glass including:

• Regulations and legislation, including British and European standards

• UK fire statistics and the importance of safety

• The purposes of fire rated glass

• Where to use fire rated glass (fire doors, compartment walls, corridor walls and internal walls)

• Classifications (integrity, integrity and radiation, and integrity and insulation)

• Advantages and appropriate uses

• Types of fire rated glass (Wired, ceramic, modified toughened, intumescent laminate, IGU's and gel laminate)

• Types of framing (Timber, steel and calcium silicate)

• Fire testing; Overview of a test and a test furnace in action

• Industry bodies: Certifire, ASFP, NBS, GGF and BWF

• Components, such as seals, bead material and assembly details

• About Promat UK, including the importance of quality and the environment

• How to specify with confidence

The CPD offers you an ideal opportunity to increase your knowledge of glass and fire safety whilst accumulating RIBA points in core curriculum subject areas.

CPD certificates will be issued after the seminar.

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"It's all about systems. A good presenter"

 Architectural Technician, January 2020


 "The CPD provides a holistic and contextual perspective of building competency. An enjoyable CPD"

 Architect, March 2019

"I was previously unaware of the fire resistant properties certain glass could have."

 Architect, July 2019


“Despite the contents of the lecture overlapping quite heavily with our own expertise, Promat kept the CPD engaging and were prepared for questions which I imagine were slightly more in-depth than they usually get. Unlike most external CPD’s I have received, one of the things I enjoyed the most was how it did not feel like I was sitting in front of a salesman who was giving pitch disguised as a lecture. Overall the lecture was very well structured and delivered in an relaxed, approachable manner which encouraged questions and interaction. I would recommend this CPD to anybody working with fire rated glass and hope that Promat can deliver another one here soon.”

A leading fire consultancy company, April 2019.


"I have a much clearer understanding of the different types of fire resistant glass.Thank you very much for the insightful presentation."

Architect, October 2018


"The seminar was interesting and informative and all questions answered clearly and in sufficient depth. It showed that the advances and capabilities of fire rated glass were greater than I had previously understood, but a specifier values advice on 'whole product' combinations (which the CPD seminar gave) since junction detailing, framing etc all contribute to the overall performance."

Architect, May 2018

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