Where fire rated glass is to be installed within a building, it must be specified as part of a tested and approved glazing system. Installation is undertaken by specialists in order to ensure that the expected fire performance is achieved.

Promat works with contract glaziers and subcontractors who supply and fit fire rated glass into frames that have been installed by partition and steel fire screen companies. This collaboration ensures installed glazing meets required standards and regulations.

Project Considerations 

  • Need to address very short lead times, often installing at the end of the build
  • May only get access to measure days before installation required
  • Heavier fire glass as specifications go to fully insulated glass
  • Limited site storage space for frames used to deliver the glass to site
  • Restricted access times for glass deliveries, especially in London
  • Restriction on maximum weights that can be carried to meet Health and Safety Regulations.

Promat Support 

Promat can assist and support manufacturers and modifiers throughout the manufacturing process, including: 

  • All products manufactured in the UK, so quoted lead times can be relied upon
  • Ability to offer timed dedicated deliveries
  • Offer of factory collection to reduce lead times

Promat Products 

Promat offers a wide range of fire rated glass and fire rated glazing systems to suit any project specification.

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