Fully glazed screens or partitions are often used within open plan buildings to separate offices and corridors, optimising natural lighting opportunities. Fully glazed screens or partitions may need to be fire rate and such designs are extensively used in offices, hospitals, universities and school buildings. 

Promat works closely with screen and partition manufacturers and installers to deliver the most appropriate glass for the requisite fire rating as well as meeting aesthetic, acoustic and safety needs. 

Project Considerations 

  • Building Regulations for fire rated glass 
  • Acoustic requirements
  • Safety regulations for glass
  • Line load requirements especially where partitions are classed as a barrier or to protect a difference in height

Promat Support 

Promat can assist and support manufacturers and installers throughout the design and install process, including: 

  • Advice on the most appropriate fire rated glass to be used 
  • Ability to calculate UDL and line loads for the different glasses
  • Quoted lead times can be relied upon as all glass products are UK manufactured.

Promat Products 

The following fire rated glass products are the most suitable for internal screen and partition applications. 

  • PYROCET® XPS and XPT where integrity only is needed
  • PYROSEC® where fully insulated fire glass is required
  • SYSTEMGLAS® for a butt jointed certified fire resistant system that is produced in-house, installed by a Promat approved installer and signed off by Promat for maximum traceability

Promat's product offer a variety of fire ratings from E30 up to EI120 with project and technical offered throughout each stage of project for maximum reassurance. Our fire rated glass is tested for use in a variety of partition systems and Promat manufacture a complete fire resistant glazing system, SYSTEMGLAS®, in-house and use approved installers to fit the system before a Certificate of Conformity is provided upon completion.

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