With fire protection, there can never be doubt or compromise about standards and ensuring safety of people and property. That’s why Promat is the first choice for Specifiers to turn to for a proven solution they can trust.

By specifying Promat fire rated glazing systems, architects and other specifiers can create building interiors that allow greater access to natural light and enable other parts of the building to remain in view, while addressing fire protection requirements that are fully compliant with regulations.

How Promat Can Help

Promat’s complete fire rated glazing system, SYSTEMGLAS® is tested as a fully certified system with fire protection from 30 minutes (EI30) up to 120 minutes (EI120).

As part of the SYSTEMGLAS® 360 degree wheel of assurance, Promat’s technical experts provide guidance on the right approach at the design and specification stage, and the system is manufactured in-house to ensure all cutting and processing is completed to the correct standard. Concluding the wheel, Promat inspects SYSTEMGLAS® on completion to ensure it has been installed in accordance with its recommendations and provides a certificate of conformity for installation.

More Information

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