With fire protection, there can never be doubt or compromise about standards and ensuring safety of people and property. 

By specifying Promat fire rated glazing systems, architects, designers and specifiers have maximum peace of mind on quality and supply chain traceability along with aesthetically pleasing butt jointed solutions that maximise light transmission in building interiors. Full project support is offered by a Promat Glass specialist and there are a wealth of resources available, including a RIBA-Approved CPD presentation on fire rated glated that can be delivered in architectural practices. 

How Promat Can Help

Promat's complete fire rated glazing system, SYSTEMGLAS®, was the first butt jointed system developed for the UK market over 30 years ago and can achieve unlimited runs of aesthetically pleasing glazing without any compromise to fire resistance. The glazing, framing and components are tested as a complete fully certified system with integrity and insulation fire protection ranging from 30 minutes (EI30) up to 120 minutes (EI120). 

Several perimeter framing options are available including;
SYSTEMGLAS® Celare: PROMATECT® H calcium silicate frame is fully concealed in walls, floors and ceiling to offer a ‘virtually frameless’ effect.
SYSTEMGLAS® Advenerat: Over clad, painted or powder coated PROMATECT® H  calcium silicate frame
SYSTEMGLAS® Ferro: Contemporary steel framed system.
SYSTEMGLAS® Ligna: Timber framed system.

360 degree Wheel of Assurance

Promat UK offer the SYSTEMGLAS® 360 degree wheel of assurance to provide architects with maximum reassurance on quality and supply chain traceability.

1. Promat’s technical experts provide guidance on the right approach at the design and specification stage through to installation.
2. The system is manufactured in-house for maximum quality and supply chain traceability. 
3. Promat inspects SYSTEMGLAS® on completion to ensure it has been installed in accordance with its recommendations and provides a certificate of conformity for installation.

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Specifiers Guide

Promat UK introduced the SYSTEMGLAS® Specifiers Guide to assist architects and designers during the specification stages. The easy-to-read guide includes a vast array of information, including the SYSTEMGLAS® range of fire rated glazing systems, framing solutions, deflection heads and corner options.

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RIBA-Approved CPD

Promat's RIBA-Approved CPD, 'The Burning Questions', offers architects with key insights in to fire resistant glass with the following subject areas covered.

• Regulations and legislation, including British and European standards
• Where to use fire rated glass (fire doors, compartment walls, corridor walls and internal walls)
• Classifications  (integrity, integrity and radiation, and integrity and insulation)
• Advantages and appropriate uses
• Types of fire rated glass
• Types of framing (Timber, steel and calcium silicate)
• Fire testing
• How to specify with confidence

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How Promat Can Help

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