Promat UK launches new EI90 fire rated timber framed glazing system

By Promat 19/03/2020

News Release
Promat fire rated glass with timber frame
Promat fire rated glass with timber frame

Passive fire protection specialist Promat has become the first UK manufacturer to offer a timber framed EI90 fire rated, butt jointed glazing system with the launch of a new version of SYSTEMGLAS® Ligna.

This latest addition to the market-leading Promat SYSTEMGLAS® range has been developed in response to growing demand for dependable passive fire protection in butt jointed glazing installations. It gives designers the scope to utilise timber frames for glazing elements that maximise light transmission, such as partitions, glass screens and doors, where fire protection of 90 minutes is required with integrity and insulation.

SYSTEMGLAS® Ligna EI90 is particularly well suited to heritage applications, listed buildings and luxury building specifications where the natural beauty of timber is sought alongside higher levels of fire protection. As with all the options in the Promat SYSTEMGLAS® range, assured protection is delivered through Promat UK’s 360 degree Wheel of Assurance, which provides traceability and compliance checking at all stages of the design, manufacture and installation.

Under Promat UK’s guidance, all the timber frame elements are manufactured to an approved system design. It is an assembly that has been fully tested in a UKAS accredited test facility where it has successfully demonstrated its ability to resist heat and flames for 90 minutes. And once installed, as with every SYSTEMGLAS® installation, Promat’s fire protection specialists issue a certificate of conformity to provide added peace of mind.

In applications where timber framing is the preference, but lower fire ratings are sufficient, SYSTEMGLAS® Ligna’s EI30 or EI60 are also available. Further options in the Promat SYSTEMGLAS® range are the steel framed fire-resistant glazing system, Ferro, and where the design requires a concealed frame or painted/over-clad frame, the Celare or Advenerat options are available.

Ian Cowley, Regional Director (UK and Scandinavia) at Promat said: “The development of Ligna EI90 is the latest result of our continuous investment in the SYSTEMGLAS® range to provide a greater variety of options for architects, designers and contractors. It follows the recent expansion of our SYSTEMGLAS® Ferro range to include both EI90 and EI120 fire ratings, and the launch of a brand new fire resistant glazing Specifiers Guide to help ensure there is no margin for error in critical applications that protect lives and assets.”

Promat UK offers a wealth of technical expertise to help customers avoid passive fire protection risks. Its comprehensive range of specification and design resources includes a technical CPD seminar and the Glazing for Life® technical brochure, alongside the new SYSTEMGLAS® Specifiers Guide – available to download by clicking here.