With fire protection there can never be any doubt or compromise about standards or product performance.

Promat fire rated glass and glazing systems provide proven and assured levels of fire protection and, backed by a wealth of testing and third party certification that complies with or exceeds UK and European standards.

Fire Testing

Fire tests on elements of building construction have been carried out in accordance with a number of British and European test methods. The BS 476 series used in the UK and many other countries where British Standards are traditionally used, is being gradually superseded by European (EN) fire testing standards which are used in the European Single Market. Visible recognition of these is given in Approved Document B: 2006 and national equivalents in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The adoption of European standards is intended to remove technical barriers to trade in Europe. The international fire testing standard, ISO 834, is similar to the other standards and is in the process of being revised to bring it more in line with the European standard.

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Exhaustive and regular testing is commissioned by Promat, to ensure total performance reliability is sustained, and is carried out independently by third parties including Element Warringtonfire, BM TRADA and BRE Global.

  • Promat UK: 500+ independently conducted fire resistance tests
  • Promat Group: 2,500+ fire resistance tests since 1988

The Promat UK fire testing facility, operated by Warringtonfire, is located at the Heywood site and offers fire testing to BS, EN, IMO and ASTM to both cellulosic and hydrocarbon fire curves. 

Promat UK Fire Testing Facility at Heywood

Promat Fire Resistant Glass Certification

Promat UK endorses the use of third party accreditation bodies such as CERTIFIRE for products. Credibility given by such authorities gives the whole marketplace confidence in not only the product, but also the installation.

  • Certifire LogoCERTIFIRE: operated by Warrington Certification Ltd (WCL) assures performance, quality, reliability and traceability of fire protection products. Recognised by regulatory authorities worldwide, it is an internationally respected mark of fire safety and one of the most authoritative in the industry.

Promat UK is fully committed to delivering quality products, advice, service and support and is accredited to ISO 9001: 2015 (quality), BS EN  and ISO 14001:2015 (environmental) and OHSAS 18001 (health & safety management system).

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